Introducing our new service - Executive Search


One of the most positive results of our new "Diversity Job Board" is our social media network has expanded exponentially, we are now offering contingency search for diverse executive talent.

1)  Contingency Based: Pay For Performance Only
10% of the 1st year base salary - payable 10 days after the employment of candidate(s) referred by Racing Toward Diversity

2)  No Retainer: Pay For Performance Only
For any searches.  We will only forward those candidates that meet your search criteria and we welcome the challenge of your most difficult and hard to find positions.

3) Candidate Identification: 
We realize the difficulties in identifying and reaching "Diverse Executive Talent".  By tapping into our network of advisors, Racing Toward Diversity Board Members and global social media influencers, we have the ability to identify, assess and screen highly qualified candidates.

4) Research and Qualification: 
What we won't do is send you hundreds of resumes we found on LinkedIn or other resume data banks.  
What we will do is send your organization a small number of highly qualified candidates that fit your "Diverse Search Objectives".  With the goal of providing not only the ideal candidate but several equally impressive candidates that help you "build a pipeline / bench" of diverse executive talent for the near and foreseeable future.

5) Placement and Follow Up: 
If for whatever reason a candidate you select as a result of our service does not remain employed with your organization for 6 months after date of hire - we will reimburse your company 20% of the payment received 

PS - As a recognized "Diversity" social media influencer/publication - a few of our strongest demographic categories
#Veteran, #Female, #Black, #Women, #BoardofDirectors, #Sales, #Finance, #Engineer, #Software, #Automotive, #Marketing, #Operations, #ServiceIT, #Management, #Global #Diversity #DiversityJobs #Design, #AccountManagement, 

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For more information - contact Fields Jackson - or call (919) 656-9657